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Who is Shinko Tire?

Shinko Tire is a company that was established in 1946. The Shinko Group began as a bicycle tire manufacturer in Osaka, Japan. In 1998 they purchased the motorcycle tire technology and molds from Yokohama Rubber Co. and began production under their Tire brand. Today they have become one of the leading manufacturers of rubber products in the industry.

Japanese Technology With Korean Craftsmanship

Their products are now manufactured in South Korea, but the design is still based in Japan. It allowed the company to utilize Japanese engineering and design principles with South Korean production and quality control standards. This enabled Shinko to produce around 200,000 tires every month.

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Brand Of Choice

Their tires are commonly used by enthusiasts engaged in power sports and motorcycle markets. The company established multiple facilities in the US to accommodate the increasing demand, such as in Idaho; Fresno, California; Ashley, Indiana; Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; Midlothian, Texas; and Memphis, Tennessee. 

Purchase Shinko Tires At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for an affordable yet reliable tire, then look no further as Shinko has the right set for you. They offer tires for your cruiser, sportbikes, scooter, dual sports, and even offroad bikes. Even to this day, Shinko is continuously finding innovative ways to further enhance their products and is investing in their research and development to push the boundaries of tire manufacturing. 

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