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About Silver’s Suspension

Silver’s Suspension was founded back in 1999 by a racer that was growing tired of the lack of quality suspension products on the market. After years of racing time attack and constantly changing suspension setups, it became evident that they all had major flaws and there was not a single high-quality performance suspension available. After a number of trials and tribulations, Silver’s Suspension was born and a breath of fresh air in the automotive space. The company combines its passion for racing and knowledge of the industry to deliver suspension products that are second to none. 

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Silver’s Suspension has grown into a leading global manufacturer focused on top-quality performance suspension solutions at affordable prices. Silver’s understands that money is hard-earned and sets out to provide consumers with the best performance for their dollar without drilling holes in wallets. The brand was started with the mindset that “performance comes first,” and it stays true to that principle to this day. Every single Silver’s kit is designed with an equal focus on track performance and reliability.

Silver’s Suspension Mission

Silver’s Suspension strives to bring its customers the best-performing suspension systems on the market at affordable prices. Every individual part of Silver’s coilovers is manufactured in the company’s 36,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility. All Silver’s Suspension kits are hand-assembled and every single shock is put on the dyno to ensure it is within the 5 percent variation of what the company allows to pass. This variation is actually much lower than most other manufacturers and there is no spot-checking. Conducting all processes in house allows Silver’s Suspension to keep an eye on every step and ensure that it delivers only the best quality possible.  

The brand’s strength lies in its extensive R&D for new products, as well as in sparing no effort in rigorous street and race track tests. This provides Silver’s Suspension with the necessary data to manufacture only the best performance parts. With more than two decades of professional manufacturing under its belt, Silver’s not only uses the latest technology on its products, but also puts them to the ultimate tests on brutal tracks to guarantee top-level performance. To this day, Silver’s Suspension leads the way with competitively priced, top-rated coilovers for a wide range of makes and models.

Upgrade to Silver’s Suspension Today

If you are looking to take your vehicle’s suspension to the next level, look no further than Silver’s Suspension. Silver’s Suspension offers a comprehensive lineup of suspension components and systems to improve your car’s appearance, performance, and overall ride quality.

Vivid Racing carries a wide range of Silver’s parts like coilovers, bearings, and adjustment extenders. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialized sales team if you have any questions about the products listed above. You can reach Vivid Racing at (480) 966-3040.