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Who is Stillen?

Stillen is an aftermarket company founded by Steve Millen. Steve is a professional race car driver with 30 years of experience under its belt. 

Using his racing experience, he built a company that would, later on, revolutionized the aftermarket industry. Stillen parts can be found in every performance and tuner cars in the market and have been a household name in the tuning industry even up to this day.

Proven Formula

Steve Millen has been chosen by various media platforms to conduct vehicle testing of some of the most high-end and powerful sportscars. This allowed him to get vital information on how to improve and bring out every car’s potential.

Comprehensive Product List

Stillen is a company that focuses on putting performance in every vehicle. Hence, no part is left untouched. If changing a particular part would improve the vehicle, then Stillen would have an upgrade for it. 

They offer parts ranging from engine components, drivetrains, forced inductions, intercoolers, radiators, electronics, suspension parts, brakes, and even body kits. They are basically a one-stop brand for those who want only the best performance parts in the market.

Purchase Stillen at Vivid Racing

Stillen has been improving vehicles for decades, cementing its status as the industry leader and has become an aftermarket icon. They have created some of the best cars in the world and are continuing its tradition of producing parts that perform well on the street and on the track. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of parts that would fit your specific requirements.