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Straightline Performance is a global manufacturer of performance parts with distribution partners in over 25 countries. Straightline is the only Dynojet Power Commander Tuning Center that is certified for snowmobiles, atvs, and motorcycles. Straightline Performance has the capability to design, develop, test, and manufacture all of its products entirely in-house. This distinguishes Straightline Performance from a large number of performance companies worldwide. Controlling the entire process from beginning to end ensures a higher-quality, more precise performance product for your power sports vehicle. After years of racing and working on their own machines, Jason and his wife Denise founded Straightline Performance in 1997. Jason's experience, attention to detail, and commitment to quality have propelled Straightline Performance to prominence as an aftermarket parts supplier over the last 23 years.


Straightline performance is frequently defined in terms of experience, history, and familial relationships. After years of involvement in the snowmobile industry, Jason Houle and his wife Denise founded Straightline Performance in 1997. Jason began snowmobiling when he was two years old, encouraged by his father, Duane, and grandfather, Stu, who were both accomplished snowmobile racers. With a family racing history spanning the 1960's and roots in cross-country, oval track, and drag racing, as well as several world records and racing accomplishments, many believe that "Jason was born with a desire to go fast."

Jason continued the family tradition of racing in the late 1980's, specializing in 1000-foot ice speed runs. He became the first 16-year-old to hold a world speed record in 1992, earning him the N.S.S.R.'s "Rookie of the Year" award (National Straightline Snowmobile Racing). Jason decided to branch out from straightline ice racing in the mid-1990's and pursued other forms of snowmobile racing, including asphalt, water, and grass drag racing. For more than 50 years and three generations, the Houle family's determination to succeed has left an indelible mark on the snowmobiling industry.


All Straightline products are designed and developed in their Minnesota facility and then rigorously tested throughout the world to ensure their durability and accuracy. Straightline Performance differentiates itself from other performance parts manufacturers through the quality, performance, and expertise of their team members. Each high-performance product that leaves their facility has undergone a rigorous development process. This process begins with computer-aided design, progresses through extensive dyno testing on one of their three in-house dynamometers, and concludes with extensive in-field tuning. This process ensures that not only will Straightline Performance products improve the performance of the machine, but they will also withstand the abuse encountered by all power sports enthusiasts. This superior standard of quality has enabled them to retain thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.


Their product line features exhaust, chassis, braces, seat covers, bumpers, handle bars, bar pads, risers, mounts, switches, engine, nitrous, performance kits, clutching kits, clutching components, ice scratchers, LED lights, tools and many more accessories.


The products of Straighline included in Vivid Racing are: blow-off valves, bolts, bracket mounts, brake/clutch levers, clutch kits, front bumpers, hand tools, intake kits, intake tubing, light bars, mid pipes, mufflers, pistons, tracks, Y-pipes, under lighting, accessories, and rear bumpers.