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Who Is Tarett Engineering?

Tarett Engineering is an aftermarket company that is widely recognized as the top manufacturer for high-performance suspension components for Porsche. Their parts are used by both club level and professional race car drivers. With a track record of providing high-quality products, they have amassed a significant following among Porsche enthusiasts worldwide and has become a highly sought-after brand.

Quality Work

The company aims to provide only the best, and this is possible through the use of advanced technology. To date, they are using the latest CAD software for their modeling and a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. These help them predict how their product would react with real-world forces, fluid flow, vibration, heat, and other variable factors. It guides them in making the necessary improvement before it is even manufactured. This is the key to creating top-notch products.

CNC machines are used to precisely cut and machine their parts, making them perfect every time. This guarantees a perfect fit for your vehicle. They use high-quality materials that are proven to last longer and perform better compared to others.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of Tarett Engineering’s parts are tested to meet all regulatory and safety standards. The parts are checked for their strength, reliability, and function, ensuring that they surpass customer expectations.

Purchase Tarett Engineering Parts at Vivid Racing

Tarett Engineering has proven itself by manufacturing parts that have created race champions. 

They have various parts to choose from like control arms, steering kits, brake lines, cooling kits, and coil springs. You would indeed find something that would suit your needs. 

When it comes to Porsche racing parts, Tarett is a brand you can trust. Visit Vivid racing to check out what they have in store for you.