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Who is Ti22?

Ti22 is an aftermarket company manufacturing high-performance racing parts for sprint cars. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best product that can bring the most out of their race cars. The company has become a household name and has set a new standard when it comes to developing race components. They can be seen in different sprint cars participating in various racing series everywhere.

Titanium Experts

The company is best known for producing titanium components. Titanium is favored by different industries that require high-performance applications due to its characteristics of light, durable, and corrosion resistance properties. Hence it is considered one of the best materials for racing applications.

They also use other mediums such as aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. Their ability to manufacture products using different materials has enabled them to cater to different racers with different needs.

Full List of Racing Parts

Ti22 offers a comprehensive list of parts ranging from suspension parts and engine components. They have fuel filters, ladder bars, tie rods, and more. These parts are specifically designed to optimize vehicle performance and outperform its competition.

Purchase Ti22 Products from Vivid Racing

If winning is your goal, then it’s time to upgrade your vehicle with Ti22 parts. They manufacture products that are designed for racers. With years of experience in creating racing parts, they know what it takes to produce parts that actually perform. Visit Vivid Racing and check out all the products Ti22 is offering. They would definitely have the parts that would fit your specific needs.