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TruHart Suspension

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What is TruHart USA?

TruHart USA specializes in manufacturing high-performance suspension and tuning solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding petrolheads. Through extensive R&D and testing, TruHart USA continues to deliver long-lasting products that outperform the competition. In 2009, the brand partnered with Urban Import, an industry leader with more than 10 years of experience, to help expand its distribution channels across North America. This partnership has allowed TruHart to increase its production capacity and reduce shipping times, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved.

Confidence in its Products

TruHart USA's extensive product lineup includes camber kits, bushing kits, control arms, lateral arms, lowering springs, coilovers, and several other TruHart suspension parts that are available for a wide range of applications. All of its products are designed with longevity in mind, which is why the company uses only the highest premium raw materials and heavy-duty Hard Race ball joints and bushings. TruHart is so confident in its manufacturing process and the materials used that it backs all products with an industry-leading warranty to give customers the performance they crave and the peace of mind they deserve.

You can rest assured that you are getting excellent handling, ride height adjustability, and an improved ride quality all-around when you purchase TruHart USA parts. Whether you are looking to improve your vehicle's suspension for the track or street, TruHart's products will take your car to new levels in terms of overall performance feel and better handling. With TruHart USA, you can gain newfound control over your vehicle's handling while also correcting its alignment. No matter the application, TruHart has you covered with quality suspension components and kits that provide exceptional performance for the right price.

What Are the Most Popular TruHart Suspension Parts?

TruHart suspension is known as the very best in the industry, offering drivers a longlasting and high-quality product at an affordable price. TruHart offers a number of different suspension parts and kits, and below we have identified some of the most popular products Truhart offers:

TruHart Suspension Kit

A TruHart suspension kit gives you everything you need to install a brand new suspension. Kits typically include coil springs, ball joints, shocks, struts, and various other parts to improve your vehicle's suspension and shocks.

TruHart Air Suspension

A TruHart air suspension is a special kind of suspension that is powered by an air pump or compressor. TruHart is known for making the very best air suspension systems, giving you a more versatile and efficient suspension.

TruHart Coilovers

Coilovers are the name given to a coil-over shock absorber, and these parts are a crucial component of any suspension system. A coilover prevents your vehicle from bottoming out, providing each wheel with invaluable support to keep your ride smooth and safe. A TruHart coilover uses state of the art technology to give you the best suspension possible.

TruHart Bushings

A TruHart bushing aims to isolate any vibrations caused by the vehicle's suspension, providing a needed buffer between two separate parts of the suspension in order to reduce friction. A bushing is often overlooked, but it is a valuable component of any suspension by controlling internal movements to reduce bumps and excess noise.

Get TruHart Suspension and Other Auto Parts at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing carries an extensive selection of TruHart suspension parts to upgrade your car's overall look and ride quality. Our TruHart inventory includes everything from bushings, camber kits, coilovers, struts, mounts, and handling arms to springs, subframes, sway bar links, and full-on suspension kits. If you can't find what you're looking for or have questions regarding an item, please call our parts team at (480) 966-3040.