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Who is Tubi Style?

Tubi Style began in 1987, and it was launched as a company designed to cater to the needs of supercar owners who wanted the best performance possible. They were initially based in Italy’s legendary Motor Valley, and they were located very closely to Ferrari. Tubi became known for building high-quality exhaust systems which offered sound and performance no other exhaust systems offered, and Tubi quickly became one of the leaders in the sector.

Back when Tubi started, they were known for their supercar exhaust systems. Today, Tubi is still well known supercar exhaust systems, but they’re also well known for their sports car exhaust system. They offer products for Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Honda, Audi, and more.

Why Choose Tubi?

With over 30 years of experience building aftermarket and OEM exhaust systems, and taking part in high-level racing, Tubi has the experience that very few exhaust companies can rival. To this day, Tubi founder, Fausto Lettieri still builds the first prototypes of each product, ensuring his decades of expertise are fully realized within every new product.

Design and Construction

Design is incredibly important for any exhaust system. Without designing for improved flow, thermal dynamics, scavenging, and many other factors, power gains can be missed. Tubi Style is very committed to the research and development part of their business. Their technological tools allow them design the smallest details.

Like most things Italian, quality of product construction is incredibly important to Tubi. By using high-quality materials and paying attention to even the smallest details, Tubi Style offers some of the best-constructed exhaust systems on the market.


Aside from the power gains, most enthusiasts install an aftermarket exhaust to make their car louder and better sounding. To appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, many cars, including supercars, have rather quiet exhaust systems from the factory.

They design every Tubi Style exhaust system with a focus on sound. Tubi Style exhaust systems don’t revolutionize the sound of your car’s exhaust, but give it more volume and definition.

Why Install a Tubi Style Exhaust?

Tubi exhaust system

As stated above, the main reason anyone installs an aftermarket exhaust system is to increase performance. Exhaust gases are a byproduct of combustion, and need to be removed from the cylinder to continue the cycle. The purpose of the exhaust system is to route these potentially harmful gasses away from the cab of the vehicle and to the rear or sides.

To develop an exhaust system which is better than stock, total exhaust flow and scavenging must be improved. When an exhaust pulse comes through the exhaust system, it creates a low-pressure area behind it. With a good design, this low-pressure area can help pull the exhaust pulses behind it, resulting in better overall flow.

Aside from increases in overall power, a Tubi Style exhaust system is also significantly lighter than an OEM exhaust. For many vehicles, the weight savings can range from 10 to 30lbs of weight saved.

Tubi Style was founded and flourished in Italy's legendary motor valley, where every sound is reminiscent of the growl or whine of an engine. In this unique corner of the world, every bend, every road and every person has a story to tell, a story redolent of engines, iconic marques and the great legendary characters of the auto world.

Living and working in that kind of setting means that cars are in their blood to an extent unparalleled elsewhere. This in turn manifests in the extraordinary talent displayed each and every day by the Tubi Style team.

What really sets Tubi Style apart is its DNA which encompasses the deep-rooted passion that each and every teammember has for their work. A passion that drives them to help supercar drivers achieve all of their sound and performance goals.

Tubi Style founder, Fausto Lettieri still personally makes the first prototypes of each new product - bringing invaluable experience and meticulousness to both the development stage and the supervision of every other phase of the machining, design, and making of the final product.

The most meticulous skill and attention to detail are essential through the entire production process but particularly in the final stages. These incredibly high standards are flawlessly maintained by their in-house welders who have become something of a symbol of the Italian excellence that has always been a Tubi Style signature and which has made Italian workmanship famous the world over.

Tubi Style is constantly researching and developing the very best technical solutions, always and ever with an eye to the future of innovation: the technical office is staffed by a team of highly qualified experts and works hand-in-glove with the leading car marques thanks to their superb development and analytical capabilities.

Their use of technological skills and the tools throughout the development process (3D modeling and CFD simulations, for instance) allow for meticulous planning of the tiniest details on each individual design so there will be no surprises. This is a streamlined, efficient approach that helps us constantly push boundaries and hone in on the end product.

Every Tubi Style product is the culmination of 30 years of triumphs in the world of racing. On a dynamic market focused on downsizing and hybrid integration, they continue to offer exactly what you want - More sound, more power, more emotion.