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Who is TurboSmart?

Turbosmart is an aftermarket company that was founded by Nic Cooper back in 1997. It started as a small company that specializes in creating high-performance turbo components for various automotive applications. Today, Turbosmart is recognized as one of the global leaders when it comes to turbochargers and is widely accepted by tuners and enthusiasts everywhere.

Parts for Your Turbochargers

The company offers parts such as turbo wastegates, boost controllers, blow-off valves, boost gauges, hoses, and pressure regulators. All their products are made in house and are tested both on the street and on the track. This is why Turbosmart has found its way inside various race cars in different racing disciplines due to the performance gain it can provide.

Passion at the Heart of a Great Company

Turbosmart is composed of a group of people who are passionate about creating ways to innovate their products. It is designed to bring out the full potential of your vehicle while at the same time maintain its durability and reliability. The last thing a tuner wants is a powerful car that frequently breaks down.

Continuous Development

Even up to this day, the company has stayed focused on its goal of creating the best product in the market. By continuously investing in its research and development and acquiring technologies that help push the boundaries of turbocharging, they are able to establish themselves as the leading experts in their field.

Purchase Turbosmart Products at Vivid Racing

Turbocharging is the simplest and best way to make your vehicle go faster. But in doing so, one should consider the right set of parts to avoid any expensive mishap from happening. If you want a brand that you could trust, then check out what Turbosmart has to offer. They have been in the turbocharging game for more than two decades and has consistently provided their customers with the best product in the market. To know more about Turbosmart, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific requirement.