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Who is UMI Performance?

UMI Performance is an aftermarket company that specializes in building high-quality suspension parts. But before they were known as a suspension manufacturer, they manufactured precision parts for major brands such as Corning Asahi, Sony, and Bell+Howell. They may have shifted industries, but their dedication to creating quality products has remained the same.

Quality Products Made In The USA

All of their products are made in-house, which allows them to control every aspect of their products. 100% made in the USA, they can maintain their high standards and create suspension parts that can tackle any street, whether it be the fast corners of a race track or the bumpy road to your grocery store.

Parts Bred From The Racetrack

UMI Performance actively participates in various racing disciplines since most of their product engineers and sales team are racers. Because of this, they can test their products through real-life racing scenarios, which helps them gather data that can help improve their products.

Easy To Install Parts

Each product is designed to replace factory-installed parts without any significant modification. It is carefully measured to ensure that it would fit perfectly into the vehicle and comes with a step-by-step instructional manual, giving their customers a hassle-free installation experience.

Purchase UMI Performance At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for high-quality suspension parts for your vehicle, then look no further, as UMI is the brand for you. To know more about UMI, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific need.