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Who is Vision Wheel?

Vision Wheel is an aftermarket wheels company that has been in the business for over 40 years. Over time, they have continuously provided their customers with a quality custom wheel that looks as good as they could perform. Today, they have continued to improve themselves and have become a household name in the aftermarket wheel industry.

Wide Range of Vehicle Platform

Vision Wheel caters to various vehicle models. They have a complete wheel line setup for compact cars, sedans, trucks, muscle cars, UTV’s and even ATV’s. So whatever vehicle you have, the Vision Wheel has the right set for you.

Various Wheel Designs

Vision Wheel offers designs that would suit any style. They have various wheel finishes, including silver, gunmetal, gloss black, and matte black. You can also choose over their machined-face finished wheel to give you that detailed look or have their machined lip wheels or painted finishes.

Tested to Perform

All of their wheels are designed not just to have that stunning look but also to perform and take all the punishment it is subjected to. Made out of high-quality and lightweight materials, they were able to create durable wheels that have been used by various offroaders and racers alike. This proves that if it can take the beating in these conditions, then it could handle everyday driving punishment.

Purchase Vision Wheel at Vivid Racing 

If you are searching for an aftermarket wheel that would give you style without compromising performance, then Vision Wheel has got you covered. With their long list of wheel choices for different vehicle types, they have one set for you. Visit Vivid Racing and choose a product specifically for your needs.