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The desire for speed collides with cutting-edge technology at VMP Performance. In all they do, Justin and Rebecca Starkey, its founders, aim for visionary leadership. VMP Performance has evolved throughout time due to this pursuit of perfection. VMP began to work with SCT founders in the early 2000s to ensure that late-model EFI vehicles were correctly calibrated.

VMP identified prospects beyond specialized tuning in the automotive aftermarket as demand rose. VMP expanded its services to include product development. The VMP range of superchargers was born out of the need for extra horsepower. VMP now runs a contemporary e-commerce business specializing in aftermarket automobile improvements, with customers worldwide.

The offices are based on a 12-acre property near New Smyrna Beach, Florida. In addition to the VMP performance parts and supporting components from reputable manufacturers, VMP provides custom tuning and setups.

Performance Tuning Services

Tuning the Performance VMP offers several tuning programs to assist you in getting the most from your Mustang or other performance cars in terms of performance and driving dynamics. We can supply you with the tuning you want since we have years of tuning knowledge. Our on-site Dynometers allow us to dial in your settings quickly. We've got you covered if you're searching for dyno time or a bespoke tune.

  • Tuning Devices
  • Custom Tuning
  • Update a Tune
  • Dyno Tuning

Performance Supercharger Upgrades

VMP has the power adders you need to get through your Ford Mustang or F-150. VMP Performance sells superchargers with trust. VMP has a long history in the performance tuning, parts, and accessories business.

  • Supercharger Kits
  • Supercharger Head Units
  • Upgrades & Components
  • VMP Throttle Bodies
    • VMP Cooling

      VMP Performance is about much more than superchargers and tuning. We understand how essential all components of your project are to you, and therefore want to provide you with even more! These cooling components are the extras you'll need to maintain your buddy cool and well-breathed. VMP Performance created them all and saw them through from concept to completion!

      • VMP Heat Exchangers
      • VMP Intercoolers & Intercooler Pumps
      • VMP Ice Tanks & Reservoirs

      Wide Selection of Performance Parts

      Vivid Racing also offers VMP Performance parts, including but not limited to brakes, cold air intakes, engine, exhaust, fuel system, gauges, wideband, nitrous, power packages, pulleys, belts, race seats, replacement parts, suspension parts, chassis, transmission, wheels & tires, fuel & lubricants, turbo parts, windows & glass, eco boost, tools, catalytic converters, and many more!

      Find High-Quality VMP Performance Parts Only at Vivid Racing

      From fitment help from our in-house experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your VMP Performance parts. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of VMP Performance, accessories, and upgrades. In return, we'll deliver a service and product second to none.

      At Vivid Racing, we love cars. They are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

      Finding a perfect aftermarket product is not an easy job. We fully understand it, and we are here to help you find the best modifications for your car.

      We specialize in double takes! Our passion is simply helping you build the car you always dreamed of. Everyone has their favorite look, color, effect, and desires, and we are here to help you achieve your goal.

      Vivid Racing ensures that they meet the customer's expectations regarding quality, size, and strength.

      The company always provides quality VMP Performance parts for applications that need speed and good looks.

      Vivid Racing carries high-performance parts for almost any need. Click these links to choose from our selection of Body Kits, Big Brake Kits, Seats, Custom Wheels and Tires, Engine Parts, Exhaust Parts, Intakes, Suspension, and Transmission Parts.

      Buying from Vivid Racing is the best choice you can make. We back every part we sell with our guarantee of satisfaction.

      Buy online or give one of our world-class sales professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040. If you don't see what you are looking for, Call Us.

      We can help. Vivid Racing was voted #1 in customer service nationwide!

      Vivid Racing carries Performance Ignition Parts from all the top manufacturers in the automotive industry. Our manufacturers include Bosch, Delphi, Eurospare, Karlyn STI, NGK Spark Plugs, and many more!

      Hands-On Experience and Professionalism are what make us the best.

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