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Volker Natorp founded VNE GmbH, the forerunner of today's VNE Automotive GmbH & Co. KG, in Hamburg, Germany, in 2001. In 2007, VNE GmbH changed its name to VNE Automotive GmbH & Co. KG and relocated to Ganderkesee, Germany.


Due to their rather rapid initial success, they were able to relocate to their newly constructed warehouse in December 2014. Today, VNE Automotive takes satisfaction in the fact that it has never followed an aftermarket trend. VNE Automobile works in a highly specialized, niche product market, supplying solely OEM automotive replacement parts to customers in over 50 countries.


Vne offers unique, and sometimes hard to find, product groups spanning engine management, body electrical, and brake systems. Vne products are constructed using high-grade materials and subjected to stringent quality controls. As a result, they are the ideal substitute for the original part.


Brake System components such as Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Brake Kits, Brake Calipers, and Wear Indicators. Suspendement An excerpt of our brake suspension includes stabilizer bars and coil springs. Lighting includes headlights, foglights, glow lamps, and Xenon lamps. Engine gear includes a directional control valve, a camshaft adjuster magnet, solenoid / egr valve, a change-over valve, pressure control valve, check valve, vacuum pipe, fuel tank breather, vent hose, air duct, and a breather hose.

Their electronic collection includes coolant temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, speed sensor, crankshaft sensor, sensors for camshaft position, wheel speed, interior temperature, ambient, air temperature, suspension, throttle position, xenon headlight leve, levelling switch, wash container, fuel tank breather valve, potentiometer, accelerator pedal. accelerator, abs sensor, coolant leveling switch, fly wheel sensor, crankshaft sensor, automatic transmission, fuel pump control unit, hazard flasher switch, ignition switch, neutral safety switch, combination switch, brake light switch, rain sensor, window switch, turn signal switch, and steering angle sensor.


Vivid Racing includes a wide collection of Vne products for various car models, such as refrigerant pressure sensor, accelerator pedal, brake vacuum line, brake light switch, clutch flywheel bolt, disc brake rotor, and many more on our website.