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About Voxx Wheels

Voxx Wheels was founded in 1995 out of a strong demand for quality products at competitive prices. All of its wheel products are developed out of a passion for cars, refined by experience, and produced by car enthusiasts themselves. Nearly three decades of industry experience led Voxx to channel their enthusiasm for the automotive aftermarket and further develop wheel manufacturing know-how.

Since its inception, Voxx Wheels has certainly come a long way and its status is undeniable. Although the aftermarket wheel industry has undergone numerous changes throughout the years, Voxx has dealt with each of those individually. As a true industry leader, Voxx Wheels has represented the automotive aftermarket and participated in several national conferences in Washington, D.C.The brand has also been successful in fending off the increased competition that has surfaced as the industry grew. Throughout these changes, Voxx Wheels has remained true to its core principles of quality, availability, and affordability. 

What does Voxx Wheels Offer?

Vox Wheels offers an extensive lineup of wheels manufactured in various countries from a variety of construction methods like forged, flow-formed, and one-piece casting (low pressure, static, and tilt gravity). The company also offers a wide range of sizes from 10 inches to 26 inches in a number of finishes. Voxx’s in-house design and marketing departments pioneer specific design and marketing programs to help distributors meet the needs of the ever-growing and ever-changing aftermarket custom wheel industry. 

Voxx Wheels is proud of overseeing all product development and production processes to guarantee all finished goods meet or exceed the standards of both SAE-J2530 and VMS (Voxx Manufacturing Standards), while also assuring customers receive the quality they expect in a timely fashion.  

Find Voxx Wheels at Vivid Racing

Elevate your driving experience with a new set of wheels from Voxx. If you are looking for wheels that have an old-school vibe with modern styling cues, then Voxx Wheels is a perfect choice. Vivid Racing carries a wide selection of wheels from Voxx, including the Alto, Capo, Como, Danza, Vento, Torino, MGA, Orso, Leggero, and Lago series, just to name a few. If you cannot find a particular wheel style or have questions regarding Voxx Wheels, please call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.