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What Is VR Forged?

VR Forged was born from the idea that cars and trucks of all makes deserve the best quality wheels that provide enhanced looks, great ride quality, and exceptional performance. VR Forged is pleased to provide high-quality, uniquely designed wheels to market that are always in stock and offered at a price that disrupts the wheel industry. The competition simply cannot compete, and it's not hard to see why. With owners that have been in business for over 20 years, VR Forged not only knows what customers want but also stays on top of the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to produce wheels that are simple unmatched on the aftermarket.

A Branch of Vivid Racing

Since its inception back in 2001, Vivid Racing has continuously worked with customers all over the world to help them modify their cars. Before VR Forged came to be, the Vivid Racing owners created two different wheel lines through their sister company Agency Power. Back in 2005, Agency Power had a one-piece 18-inch cast wheel for the very popular Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi EVO tuner market. The design and colorways were highly sought after for those markets at the time.

After selling hundreds of wheels, the VR partners knew they had a great concept, but supply was difficult and working with overseas vendors was not as easy of a task as it is today. VR has taken its extensive history of supplying some of the hottest vehicles with the best fitments possible to help design our very own line of wheels. Partnering with leading manufactures, VR Forged has been born!

Why Choose VR Forged?

The focus of VR Forged is to have one-piece forged wheels ready to ship in a box for a wide range of vehicles. The das of waiting six to eight weeks for a fresh set of wheels are long gone, as is the outrageous $8,000 price tag that some of the other brands charge. Please note, that if we do not have a specific fitment, color, or style you like, we do have a Bespoke program. In addition to the one-piece forged wheels, we also offer two-piece and three-piece wheels available as well as carbon fiber wheels that uses a CNC-machined forged center.

VR Forged at Vivid Racing

As they say, shoes can tell a lot about a person; the same reigns true for the wheels on a car. If you are looking to upgrade the wheels on your ride, look no further than the VR Forged lineup. Boasting the perfect balance of form and function, a set of VR Forged wheels can really elevate your car or truck to a whole new level. Contact a Vivid Racing parts specialist today at (480) 966-3040 to learn more.