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Even the most sophisticated road vehicles rely entirely on a simple machine which is the wheel. Where the upturned rubber meets the road, the components and composition of the wheel make a car move smoothly from A to B and back. This essential aspect of the car, however, occupies only a few basic parts which, given variations in design or structure, effectively provide the same roles from wheel to wheel.

Rims are also regarded as wheels and are required in all automobiles, from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles. Wheels provide two uses: reducing friction, and providing leverage. The rim is an important part of the wheel because it rotates around axles called rods. The turning of the wheels requires some friction, and that is provided by the tire contacting the pavement. That helps to move the vehicle along. The wheel amplifies the applied force which provides the leverage. The quantity of the leverage depends on the size of the wheel or rim. This affects vehicle performance.

Wheels do more than just create a decent looking car. A decent collection of car wheels increases the performance of the vehicle and guarantees a smoother journey. Changing the size of your vehicle's wheels will impact the alignment, handling, braking, and acceleration as well as the speedometer calibration.

Center Caps

A center cap or centercap is a decorative disk that covers a central portion of the surface on an automobile axle. The early center caps for automobiles were small and worked primarily to keep dirt away from vehicle spindle nut and wheel bearings. Center caps are also used to conceal the lug nuts and/or the bearings on new vehicles. Center caps are a kind of hubcap, while the other primary kind is wheel cover. Some modern center caps are kept on the wheel using spring clips while others are maintained by the wheel lugs or other threaded fasteners.

Hub Centric Rings

Centric rings are required whenever the hub hole on the rim (the center bore) is wider than the car's wheel hub. The wheel makers purposely make the hub ring as wide as possible for the rim, taking into account the hub opening, to allow the same rims to be marketed using hub centric rings for the various car models.

Lug Nuts

A lug nut is a nut fastener, used on steel and most aluminum wheels, with one rounded or conical (tapered) end. Typically, a set of lug nuts is used to secure a wheel to threaded wheel studs, and thus to the axles of a vehicle.

Spare Tires

Whether you are on a lot of road trips, regularly commuting between gas stations in areas with long distances, or drive a lot on rougher highways, you need a spare tire. Having a flat tire in rural areas means you could be up to the nearest repair shop for a hundred miles or more.

Valve Stems | Caps | TPMS

A valve stem is a self-contained valve that extends to admit gas to a chamber (such as air to inflate a tire) and then is immediately shut and held sealed by chamber pressure, or a motion, or both, to keep the gas from leaking.

Wheel Bolts

This part must be placed in such a way that the bolts can withstand the stresses they are confined to during driving and safely hold the wheel in position. They can come loose while driving if the screws are not tight enough. The threads could get stripped or damaged if the wheel bolts are too tight.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are circular disks mounted between both the wheels and rotors. Installing wheel spacers is meant to expand the tire offset, which widens the track of the car. It has advantages of handling even though the thickness of the tire is not changing.

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