Wheel Blowout Sale

Since 2001, Vivid Racing has become one of the most recognized online automotive performance parts distributors. Starting from a $500 investment and a $1500 loan, Vivid Racing is a multi-million dollar company based in Gilbert, Arizona USA. With a strong, passionate team that is extremely customer centric, our focus on technology and logistics keep us at the forefront of the industry. Vivid Racing became well known in the automotive world for our project cars, magazine articles, participation in exclusive road rally events, and appearances in videos. Adapting over the years, we have grown our catalog to more than 2 million products consisting of performance vehicles, trucks, jeeps, UTVs, and even motorcycle parts. Vivid Racing has also developed it's own line of products from exhaust systems to suspension products, wheels, carbon aero parts, tuning, and much more. As we continue to stay front and center with the latest in social media trends, we maintain our global presence while continuing to enhance the customer experience.

Our Mission: “To Fuel the passion of enthusiast vehicle owners, from classic to contemporary motorsports”


Bring It On!

Worldwide supply chain issues, inflation, gas prices... So many challenges that Vivid Racing continues to beat. Our diverse catalog and passionate customer base continues to allow us success. Our launch of VR Forged Wheels has been well received. We have hired a CRO to further our management team and drive sales to our $100M goal. Happy 21 years of business.


Celebrating 20 Years

Vivid Racing is celebrating 20 years in business. Having started in 2001, we have come a long way and very proud of our team and accomplishments. We strive for continued success while supporting the best customers in the world!


COVID-19 Pandemic

We survived 2020! Actually 2020 was an amazing year for Vivid Racing setting all kinds of sales records. We expanded our customer service team, improved sales processes, hired a CFO, and reconfigured our warehouse.


New Website

2018 ushered in an entire new website that was faster and easier for customers to use. We furthered our 8 figure sales numbers beyond expectations making us one of the larger niche performance parts suppliers. In the spring of 2018, Vivid Racing also became the exclusive distributor for Prior Design.



Vivid Racing began investing huge into its own online technology by integrating and automating vendor data. With large sales growth, Vivid Racing also became the exclusive North American distributor for ArmyTrix Exhausts. For the second year in a row we achieved the Top Dealer award at SEMA with Mackin Industries (Rays and Yokohama Wheels).


Major Milestone

15 years in business! Vivid Racing achieved the Top Dealer award at SEMA with Mackin Industries (Rays and Yokohama Wheels). As a lateral move, we expanded into the UTV business which is rapidly growing with Polaris and Can-Am.


Sales Goals

2015 saw us surpass 8 digit sales figures. This is a huge accomplishment for any business. While most had huge losses during the economic down turn, Vivid Racing continue to push through providing products to customers worldwide.


VR Tuned

After years of selling others tuning in the Porsche and BMW market, we launched VRTuned.com to grow our own ECU Tuning brand. VR Tuned has expanded its reach into many vehicle markets from European performance cars, trucks, and even UTVs. Utlizing specialty hardware and file calibrators with years of experience, VR Tuned instantly became a success. Offering plug and play tuning box kits, ECU flashing, transmission tuning, and electronic throttle pedals are the main products of VR Tuned.



In 2013 we acquired the website HorsepowerFreaks.com. This large catalog website was one of Vivid Racing's competitors. We integrated HPF into the Vivid Racing infrastructure to continue sales and improve its customer service. 2013 also had us back at SEMA with our Project SRT Viper in the Seibon Booth debuting many new products as well as our widebody Ford Focus ST that was a display vehicle with Toyo Tires. See Photos Here.


Business and Event Boom

In 2012 we acquire and integrated a CNC machine shop into the Vivid Racing facility to allow us to produce more custom products through our sister company Agency Power. This furthered our growth in markets that Vivid Racing specialized in like BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Nissan, Ford, and others. 2012 also had us very busy. For SEMA, we had our Project BMW M5 F10 (View Here) as a feature vehicle with Seibon Carbon and our Scion FRS (See Here) build with Niche Wheels. The Scion FRS was one of the First86 cars where we received ours before others customers in a contest. We were able to launch many new products with this platform and grab ahold of this market. Before SEMA we also entered the Targa Newfoundland road rally in Canada with our Project 997.2 Turbo S (See Build Here) where we made a great film of the adventure (See Video Here).


Status Racing

2011 Rob and Dan acquired Status Racing seats through a separate LLC to help grow the very boutique seat brand. The carbon fiber and fiberglass seats were made in the USA with FIA certifications. We utilized our marketing and sales experience to help propel this brand through the release of our Icon Series. This was an online configurator that allowed you to design the seats the way you wanted. Later moving the assembly to our Vivid Racing facility, we eventually sold off this brand in 2016 to PRP Seats who still operates Status Racing.


Continued SEMA Success

2010 we debuted two cars at the SEMA show. The first was our Mercedes CLS63 featuring custom carbon fiber work we did here at our Arizona facility. This car was done in combination with Brembo Brakes, Agency Power, KW Suspension that was shown off in the Vossen Wheel booth. We also displayed our Porsche 997 Turbo with KSport to show off their big brake kits. View Photos Here.


More Fun!

2009 Vivid Racing was settled into our building and was working away on several projects. We even ran our Project Porsche 997 Turbo in the Texas Mile hitting 196mph and later in 2010 achieving 206.2mph on the stock engine (View Photos/Video). In the summer of 2009 we participated again in the Gumball 3000 (See Photos Here) event using a gold chrome wrapped BMW 750LI.


Building Upgrade

The next move for Vivid Racing was purchasing our own building and have it custom built out of our needs. The new facility is 15,000sqft located in Gilbert, Arizona. This new facility featured a large area for Agency Power fabrication, our Mustang Dyno to be in the ground, several lifts, and a huge office space for our large call center (See Pictures Here). In the summer of 2008 we participated in the US leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in our Porsche 997 Turbo from San Francisco to San Diego then back to Las Vegas (See Photos Here). 2008 we also had a major SEMA feature vehicle with our Project EVO X in the Toyo Tires booth (See Photos Here).


Strong Year

2007 Vivid Racing was on a all time high. We built our Project Subaru WRX III that was featured at the SEMA Show with Cusco USA, we participated in the Bullrun Rally in our Project Porsche 996 Turbo, was featured in Performance Racing Industry News, Dub Magazine profiled us, and even got a spot in the coveted Entrepreneur Magazine.


TV Time and Adventure

2006 had us get some screen time on the ESPN2 TV show, Import Racers. This gave a overview of the Vivid Racing operation and showed off a little bit about our Pepsi RX8 Project Car. Watch Video Here. We also got to run the US Leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in our first Porsche 996 Carrera. View Photos Here.


Big Moves

We continued our growth of the worldwide parts business and gaining large media traction. We took a risk (at that time was huge) and moved into a 10,000sqft building in Chandler, Arizona. This same year we purchased a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dyno which was one of 2 in the state to begin tuning. We were lucky enought to partner with DUB Magazine, Pepsi, and Mazda for the Pepsi Street Motion Tour. This had us build 2 Mazda RX8s. One that was displayed at SEMA, DUB Tour, and American Touge 2 video. While the other Mazda RX8 was raffled off on their website. This build included a 3 part build series in the magazine, “Modified”. Check out the SEMA Photos Here. View the Project Car Build Here. View the American Touge 2 Gallery Here and watch the video here.


Business Expansion

2004 was a very busy year as well. We were now in our new office that included 1 lift and more office space. We started our manufacturing company called Agency Power. This operated as a separate company to make parts like the ones we were selling at Vivid Racing. We choose to not do Vivid Racing products to keep vendors and competitors happy. This same year we also took part in Gumball 3000 (see pics here) but this time was in Europe starting in Paris France, headed south to Marbella, Spain, across the sea to Morocco, then back to Spain and finished in Cannes. With no money at the time, we rented a Peugeot 206 Turbo Diesel to drive in. Not bad for a couple 24 year olds! Wrapping out 2004 we did the SEMA Show with our latest BMW M3 E46 Project Car in the K&N Intake booth. This was also the start of the online database catalog business. If we could sell parts for Subaru and EVO, why not sell parts for all cars. So we began (see old website here).


Momentum Begins

In 2003 Vivid Racing had our first magazine feature with Super Street showing off our Subaru WRX. This was what was the start of nearly 100 magazine features and articles. This same year we took part in our the prestigeous Gumball 3000 rally from San Francisco to Miami. See Photos Here. Towards the tail end we built our 2004 Subaru WRX for the 2003 SEMA Show (see photos here) and began moving into our 3500sqft building also located in Tempe, Arizona.


First SEMA Show

What made Vivid Racing famous was our very first Project Car, Subaru WRX I. This was one of the hottest builds on the web with full JDM parts and Volk Racing wheels. We participated at the SEMA Show with Brits who back than was based at the Laguna Seca Raceway and was the Samco Hose distributor. See Car Here


Welcome Vivid Racing

This was the true start of Vivid Racing. Just after graduating Arizona State University, Rob and Dan leased a 1500sqft facility in Tempe, AZ where they continued business as Vivid Wireless and begin ordering some parts for cars with the offshoot of Vivid Racing. See the old website here and laugh! (Visit Website). VividRacing.com began with Subaru performance parts and offered a place for people to be involved while online. See the site here.


The Beginning

Vivid Wireless was started out of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity House at Arizona State University. To pick a business name, they wrote down 5 names on a piece of paper and had Brothers vote. One being "Ill Communications" and one Vivid Wireless. Rob and Dan then sold cell phones and accessories to others on campus via word of mouth and fliers. Both owning Acura Integra's, we were starting our passion for car mods.