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Extend Warranty


Everyone Hates faulty parts. Protect Yourself  From an unfortunate part today.

We can speak for most car folks when it comes to getting an upgrade that just doesn't seem to work quite right. Before you know it, it's failed.
These days, it's easy to do your homework, seek reputable brands, and buy with confidence. But, things happen. 
"This company rules, I hear nothin' but good things. But, man, this part is messed up." 
We get it; parts are expensive. Sometimes the quality of those parts may not be created equal. Things happen and an upgrade that you thought would last a lifetime, only lasted right outside that good ol' manufacturer's warranty.
This is why we offer Extend.
Unfortunately, parts may hang on for dear life for a year or two before they decide to hang their hat and call it a failure. Meanwhile, your bud who has that same damn turbo has been walking cars for years.
Get protected from your product failing outside of the manufactures warranty with Extend.

What does the extra warranty cover? 🤔

Plans are available for 1-5 years!

*This plan excludes coverage for damage caused by accidents. Coverage under this plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires and lasts for the number of years you select.

What if my product stops working?!

Plan Summary:

What's covered?

Your product is protected from defects and failures that can occur with normal use. Extend plans cover your product above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This plan does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by abuse or misuse, so be nice to your stuff. You can find more details in the Protection Plan Terms and Conditions below.

When is it covered?

Extend’s protection plan protects your product from mechanical and electrical failure after your manufacturer warranty expires and continues through your chosen coverage term.

How do I file a claim?

We're always happy to help! Just reach out to us through our online claims portal for immediate service: https://customers.extend.com/claims. You can also get in touch by calling Extend at 1-877-248-7707.

Terms & Conditions