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Electronics - Electronic Performance Components

What are Car Electronics?

Automotive electronics are specially designed electronics intended for use in automobiles. Automotive electronics may be subjected to, and are therefore rated at, more extreme temperature ranges than commercial electronics. But what exactly do you think of when you hear about Automotive Electronics?

If your answer is Hi-tech safety airbags, the music system that connects to your iPhone and the electronic controller steering, then you are on the right track. But it is actually more than that. Automotive Electronics includes everything from headlight to the tail lights to seat controls inside your car. If you think about it, every module in your car is a high-tech electronic gadget. The early applications of electronics in automobiles were due to a fundamental need to control the engine, but the latest trends and developments show how it has evolved to give people the most sophisticated driving experience.

What is the Role of Electronics in My Car?

Thanks to widespread electronics systems in automotive operations, manufacturers have been able to improve driving performance, fuel efficiency and the comfort of both drivers and drivers. It is remarkable to note that the number of electronic components is gradually increasing over time due to the need to improve everything from fuel efficiency to driver safety. As a result, more mechanisms are being transformed from mechanical to electronic systems.

Significantly, in more than three decades, the high-tech automobiles of the 1980s have become auto-electronic engines with computer-controlled systems. Cars are no longer just a means of transport. Today, a modern car is equipped with almost a hundred electronic systems. Innovation in automotive electronics technology has turned simple driving into a sophisticated and enjoyable experience.

What are the kinds of Electronics in my Car?


The first use of electronics in a car was for engine control. It was called the ECU computer, or the Engine Control Unit. The year was 1968 when the first ECU appeared in a Volkswagen to perform one specific function: electronic fuel injection.

An engine control unit in automobiles can be used to control the functions like rate of fuel injection, NOx control, controlling of emission, throttle, turbocharger, cooling system, and oxidation catalytic converter.


It is any integrated use of telecommunications using information and communication technologies — the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to cars through telecommunications equipment.

ICE (In Car Entertainment)

A collection of hardware and software in automobiles that delivers audio and video content in a combination of information and entertainment. It can be argued that infotainment systems have been a catalyst for transforming an ordinary car into a smart car, that is, one that can provide excellent entertainment facilities as well as technology capable of providing driver assistance, including assistance to the driver while parking a car, alerting the driver on a busy road and suggesting an alternative path.

The ICE also contains things such as the sound system from the head unit, to the amplifiers, to the speakers.

It is becoming clear that drivers want to be connected and easily access their personal content anywhere, at any time and on all their devices. And today's automotive electronics provide the means to convert the car into yet another connected device. A 'connected' car is also more comfortable, safer and more energy efficient, and has early access to important information such as weather reports, traffic jams or road accidents.

Chassis Electronics

The chassis system includes electronic subsystems in a car that actively monitor and control various parameters such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), TCS (Traction Control System), PA (Parking Assistance) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Driver Assistance

The ADAS or Advanced Driver-Assistance System helps the driver to drive a vehicle. This is designed with a secure HMI (Human Machine Interface) interface. These systems are used to increase road safety in the automotive sector. This system includes a variety of assist systems such as lane, speed, park, blind spot detection and an adaptive cruise control system.

Passive Safety

The passive safety system is all about learning & practicing of plan, building, apparatus & instruction to reduce the incident and result of traffic accidents of motor vehicles. These systems are always set to operate when there is a smash in development otherwise to stop it once it detects a hazardous condition like airbags, control of hill descent, and emergency brake aid system.

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