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How Can I Make My Car Stand Out Even More?

You have managed to eke out 600 horsepower from your engine. Your car’s chassis is unflappable, and yet, it looks like it could use some more touches to really turn head. Which is why Vivid Racing has all the exterior parts to make your car stand out wherever you go and go fast.

The way your vehicle looks says everything about you. Vivid Racing can help your car look like a winner. A Body Kit can transform your ride from a dull boring everyday car to a sleek mean road machine. Dress it up more with aftermarket mirrors and maybe a grill kit. Headlights, taillights, side markers and fog lights will almost complete the package. Now that your cars body is in great shape let’s get rid of those boring wheels and put on a set of Custom Wheels and Tires. Now you have a car that demands respect!

Body Kits

Body kits can have a major advantage especially in the name of aerodynamics. But there is also no denying that body kits make your car look a ton times better. Regale your cars with new front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, diffusers and chin spoilers that will make your car faster on tracks and safer on the road due to added aerodynamics.

Spoilers and Rear Wings

Crucially, the most significant advantage that you can reap from installing a rear wing on your vehicle is better aerodynamics. It makes your car hug the road better, improving speed around corners, and reducing braking distances. The main performance benefit from a rear wing is improved stability. It’s much easier to drive at the limit when the car handles in a very predictable manner.

As speed builds up, the stiff rear suspension creates a lot of instability which makes it much more difficult to drive at the limit. The more sensible solution? Using a rear wing combats high-speed instability while allowing the car to rotate very well in low and mid-speed corners. Plus, a sportier appearance for your ride. A win-win.

Wiper Blades

Not necessarily to make your car faster or look cooler. A new set of wiper blades will be more efficient in letting you see the road if the weather is a bit angry. Also, after all your cars has been through, you might have forgotten to switch them out. Maintenance is a key in having a pretty car.


New headlights, tail lights and fog lights will help you see better in the dark. Brighter lights will also mean other motorists will see you better, increasing safety. Lights are a smart upgrade because it allows you to be stylish and safe at the same time.

Nerf Bars

The nerf bar has been adopted for other applications particularly for trucks and SUVs. Unlike the running board, it acts as a lowered step to make it easier for elevated vehicles to reach and leave. It is basically made of a single aluminum or steel tube spanning the cabin area, normally under each door with a dedicated, slip-resistant rubber foot grip. In some situations, in taller vehicles, nerf bars are mounted simply to give them a rugged look.

Vivid Racing carries a wide variety of exterior parts for your vehicle. Body Kits, Carbon Parts, Headlights, Taillights, Side Markers, Badges, Grills, Antennas, and more…

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