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Fuel Components - Fuel Components

Fuel System

The fuel system is responsible for the supply of fuel to the internal combustion engine. The fuel mixes together with the air, and then the spark plugs ignite the mixture to generate the combustion power that moves the vehicle. After you have filled your gas tank with fuel, there is a system in place that transfers that fuel to the engine when it is needed. The more you ask for your engine, the more fuel it needs to receive.

The car fuel system consists of several different components to ensure that the entire process is smooth. There is a fuel pump, a fuel tank, a fuel line, a fuel filter, a fuel injector and a carburetor. It's really no different than your body's heart, veins, and kidneys working together to keep you moving. If only one of these components were malfunctioning, it could interfere with the entire process of fuel transfer. Your engine would either not work at all, or it would work very slowly.

The vehicle fuel system consists of components that deliver fuel from the tank to the engine, including a fuel pump, a fuel line, a fuel-pressure regulator, a fuel filter and a fuel-injector. 

When you perform routine maintenance checks on your vehicle, you'll want to make sure that these components are in top condition. If you notice wear and tear on any of these components, you should replace them immediately to prevent problems with your vehicle.

Parts of a Fuel System

Fuel Injectors or Carburetors

The fuel injector is the last fuel stop in your engine before "boom!" goes inside the combustion chamber. It's basically an electrically operated gate that only opens long enough to measure the perfect amount of fuel to run the engine. 

Carburetors were the usual fuel delivery method for most vehicles until the late 1980s. Most carburetors are manual non-electric devices used to mix vaporized fuel with air to produce a fuel or explosive mixture for internal combustion engines. Carburetors were mostly replaced by electronic fuel injection.

Intake Valves

The valve opens to allow the mixture of air and fuel to be drawn into the combustion chamber. Deposits on the intake valves may restrict or alter the flow of the air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. Fuel may be attached to the intake valve and may not enter the combustion chamber if necessary. The right fuel additive can help to reverse these effects and restore lost performance.

Combustion Chamber

This is where the air / fuel mixture is burned. Deposits in the combustion chamber may affect the transfer of heat and the compression of air and fuel. Excessive heat can cause premature ignition and knocking. 

Some vehicles are equipped with knock sensors that are used to determine the knock or pre-or post-detonation of the engine. With these sensors, the computer will disconnect the engine to eliminate this symptom, which has an adverse effect on performance. Deposits of the fuel system will cause knocking, which is why it is so important to keep your fuel system clean.

Fuel Filter

The engine must have clean fuel to operate properly and keep it running smoothly. The fuel filter is usually positioned around the fuel pump, either before or after the fuel pump. When the fuel is pumped from the fuel tank, any tiny particles and contaminants inside it are blocked by the filter before the fuel enters the engine.

Fuel Lines

There are all sorts of fuel lines in the fuel system. Fuel lines are the way the fuel can travel from one component to another. They are, for example, how fuel travels from the fuel tank to the carburetor.

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