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What is a Power Package and What does it Do?

Essentially, a power package is a complete bundle of parts to make modifying your car simple and efficient.  One purchase gets you a comprehensive package of parts that's been pre-selected to work together to improve your car.

Vivid Racing considers "Tuning" as improving overall performance of the vehicle in response to user requirements. Some users may have some incorrect thinking when tuning, which can cause them to fit the wrong parts to their needs. For this reason, to achieve this goal, it is important for the user to know what their goal is and what parts are required.

Overall performance puts "safety first" while improving the three basics of vehicle performance, with the right balance between the three elements, "accelerate, turn, decelerate." By increasing the engine power, for example, inadequacies may be felt in the braking or suspension that were previously not noticeable. Even when increasing engine power at high engine speeds (rpm), if the power at low-mid engine speeds remains the same as before, the driver can feel the illusion that the vehicle has lost power at low-mid engine speeds due to the change in power delivery characteristics. Replacing just one part can increase stress and damage other parts, so keeping the right balance when tuning is essential to safely boost performance.

Reasons Why You Might Want a Power Package

  1. Your car is under powered
  2. Your car consumes more fuel than needed
  3. There is no need to tolerate mediocrity when your car is capable of more
  4. You can modify your car and maintain your factory Warranty benefits
  5. You can own a car that is tuned to meet your needs, Power, Torque, Braking, Handling

By simply throwing parts at it, cars won't get quicker. Understanding your own requirements is important, and then tuning to suit. Also this can be applied to increasing engine power. There are many routes to get more power, but depending on whether you want great peak power or want low engine speed torque for comfortable street driving, the selection of parts will change along with the order in which each process has to be done. It is important to understand how an engine and its components work, in order to know effectively what course to follow.

Why buy your power kits one piece at a time when Vivid Racing has them ready to go in a performance power package. With a Power Package it's all there and it's ready to install. And a pre-assembled power package will cost less than buying your parts item by item. So consider one of our Performance Power Packages. You won't be sorry. Now that you have decided to invest in a High Performance Power Package you will need something to try it out on. What about a new set of Custom Wheels and Tires? Vivid Racing carries a huge variety of custom wheels and the tires to go with them. Click the links to check them out.

Our Tuning Expertise

As the tools of the tuning industry became more accessible, so does the ability to partner and work with individuals to offer a unique, value-added service. In the course of the years, we have experienced the ups and downsides of the ECU tuning world working with several tuning companies. As our mission is to provide unparalleled customer service and support, it is equally important to offer a great product that is tested, user-friendly, and priced within the current demographic.

With an in-house Mustang All-Wheel-Drive Dynamometer at our facility in Gilbert, Arizona, we have spent countless hours testing tuned files, the effects of various vehicle modifications, and learning how vehicles respond to our changes. But most importantly, our confidence in our product comes in that we owned these vehicles, driving these vehicles on a daily basis, racing those vehicles and understanding what the consumer wants.

Buying from Vivid Racing is the best choice you can make. We back every part we sell with our personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Buy online or give one of our world class sales professionals a call at 1-480-966-3040 If you don't see what you are looking for Call Us. We can help. Vivid Racing was voted #1 in customer service nationwide!

Hands-On Experience and Professionalism is what makes us the best!


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