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Why Wear Racing Gears?

Safety! The components you use for safety is what determines if you live or die in a high-speed accident. Fire Resistant racing suites, gloves, and helmets are a must when you're on the track. Vivid Racing supplies safety equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry as well as driving shoes, HANS devices and window nets.

There is a certain element of danger in any sport, none more so than racing. Car racing nearby at a distance of more than 200 mph for 500 miles is a high-risk event. Racing something takes a steady hand and steel nerves and Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers are among the strongest drivers in the world. To participate in such a dangerous sport a lot of safety equipment is needed. Many safety legislation and equipment designed to keep drivers as safe as possible, with a high risk of injury during a crash.

Gears to Remember When Racing

  • HANS Devices
  • Fire Suits
  • Helmets
  • Racing Shoes
  • Undergarments

HANS Devices

The HANS acts practically like an airbag. But it uses a raised collar and two polyester-fabric tethers to protect the driver's head, instead of inflating a cushion to stop passenger motion in a crash. The driver's shoulder straps tightly hold the tall, strong collar in place. The tethers attach the driver's helmet sides to the anchor points for collars. The HANS system ensures that when g-loads rise during a forward impact, the driver's helmeted head shifts with his torso so that weak neck and skull bones are not overloaded.

Fire Suits

A racing suit or racing overalls, also referred to as a fire suit because of its fire-retardant properties, are clothes such as overalls worn by racing drivers in different types of car racing, crew members working on the vehicles during competitions, track safety staff or marshals, and in some series of commentators at the event.


In case of a crash, a driver's helmet protects the head. Also, it serves as the driver's communication center during the race. A driver's helmet kit plays an important role, which is why the helmet has a two-way radio so the driver can stay in contact with the crew chief. The driver is kept cool by a fresh air hose, and a water hose is attached to keep the driver hydrated mid-race. The head, during an incident, is potentially the most vulnerable part of the human body. The helmet is designed to dissipate energy from impact over the entire helmet and to prevent it from being punctured by debris. Each NASCAR driver must wear a certain type of helmet.

Racing Shoes

It can be grueling and exhausting to spend hours on a track particularly if you have the wrong gear. Too much driving requires your feet, so a lasting and comfortable pair of racing shoes is a must, obviously. A proper pair of racing shoes also plays a key role in safety, ensuring a good grip on pedals, a better pedal feel and, most importantly, fire protection.


Your racecar is with you. You've got components such us your race suit, your helmet, and your race gloves. You're good to go, right? What about the undergarments at the base layer? Racing poses other potential hazards. If a fire occurred inside your racecar, seconds count. Drivers are in a hot car, remaining hydrated at a time for hours and sometimes nature calls. They certainly won't pause the car to use the bathroom. For just such an emergency, drivers wear a fire-retardant (of course) adult diaper under their fire suit. Most admit that it only happens once or twice a season but it does. Vivid Racing provides a full line of undergarments with base layers.

Vivid Racing supplies a selection of racing gear and accessories for your performance needs. From safety harness, racing equipment, pedals, steering wheels, seats, and more. Vivid Racing provides only the best quality gear for your full driving experience. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us at 1-480-966-3040.

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