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Every motorcycle should be a perfect match for its rider. Sometimes rearranging some stock pieces is all that is required to make a change. You can try rotating your handlebar in its clamps or raising it and readjusting controls to make the layout more comfortable for you, and if that isn't enough, you can attempt replacing your factory-installed handlebar with a custom equivalent. Our online store has a large selection of handlebar styles, such as broad touring or dresser bars, tall ape hangers, T-bars, H-bars, Z-bars, beach bars, drag bars, and more. A few measurements must be taken into account while shopping for a new handlebar.

Some motorcyclists prefer to improve the look of their motorcycle by swapping handlebars. You can install a handlebar that is much wider or higher than the stock one on your bike, but keep in mind that if you install an extremely wide handlebar, you may have difficulty making full-lock low-speed turns. In such a case, one of the clutches becomes out of reach, while the other ends up in your gut. In addition, if your motorcycle lacks a windscreen, you should lean forward at high speed to lessen air pressure from oncoming wind. It suggests you may need to adjust your handlebars somewhat.

When you add a longer handlebar on your motorcycle, you must also install longer hydraulic hoses, cables, and control wire. If you want to alter the handlebars on your cruiser, install billet handlebar risers, fork caps, or a chrome triple clamp cover while the upper fork area is still easily accessible. Our online store has a vast selection of motorcycle handlebars and controls, including clutch and brake lines, cables and brackets, heated and standard grips, throttles, bar ends, handlebar levers, switches, raisers, clamps, triple trees, handguards, and much more.

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