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Why should I upgrade My Car’s Interior?

You have new wheels, a lowered ride, aerodynamic body kits, and a freer breathing engine. Your car now has the attitude to go to shows. Except you have a relatively dark tint because your interior is as attractive as a sock drawer.

That shouldn’t be the case. Since you are very passionate about your car, the place you sit in should also be awe inspired. 

Vivid Racing can help change your interior from that dull factory look to a custom work of art. The look and feel of a good set of seats makes all the difference. If your buying seats you need to have safety in mind. You can choose from 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses to hold you in complete safety and comfort. How about the steering wheel, shift knob and hand brake. You can't drift without a good hand brake. Looking better? Custom gauge mounts and pedals will help complete the look. You are going to need gauges to put in those gauge mounts.

Race seats are a good investment because they are a lot safer and more comfortable than regular seats. Especially designed for spirited drives or flat out racing, you’ll find that race seats have been the missing link in your performance car all along. Race seats are designed to keep your body properly in place even during high g-force cornering. This ensures that every control is easily within reach, giving you the confidence to drive faster and, more importantly, safer.

Upgrading your shift knob is also a good move. Aftermarket shift knobs from leading brands like MOMO, Oettinger, MP Designs, and AC Schnitzer are engineered to have the precision and weight lacking from your stock shifters. Performance shifters also offer better grip for sportier driving. A grippier, sportier, and more precise shift knob can actually help you perfect your heel-toe downshifts. Not to mention aftermarket shift knobs look better than stock ones, even those made by BMW.

And you should really be on top of things having a tuned engine. Gauges will tell you what exactly is happening under that carbon fiber bonnet of yours. Boost gauges, Air/Fuel gauges, Exhaust Gas temperature, and Oil Pressure gauges are all vital information you need to know especially when running a turbocharged or a supercharged engine. Or just a highly tuned, high compression engine. These gauges tell you information you need to know every time you hop in your car and drive.

Vivid racing carries your basic tachometer and speedometer in customized fashion such as indiglo gauges, flaming gauges, and many other colors and styles that would be longer than a quarter mile to list. 


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