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Why Should I Stick with OEM Parts?

Keeping your car’s warranty is an easy but expensive exercise.  

If something breaks, you must go to your local dealer just so you could appease the warranty gods. Because in their minds, if you opt for an aftermarket part and something breaks, it will be the aftermarket part’s fault. To avoid that, we follow the dealer’s prescriptions even if the parts are relatively more expensive than mostly superior aftermarket ones.

That leaves us stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Pros and Cons of OEM parts

OEM parts are more expensive, and it comes with a factory backed warranty. They also tend be to easier to find which is now less believable because Vivid Racing carries OEM parts. And at a fraction of the cost dealer’s sell them.


OEM simply means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Basically, the company that made your car has hired another company who makes the part that has fallen off I-95. So, it means that the part was not necessarily made by the car manufacturer themselves. Even with inflated prices, people choose to go to the dealer’s service department for repairs because they know they would be getting OEM parts. 

With a local shop or mechanic, you will most likely get aftermarket parts. There is completely nothing wrong with this but you know exactly what you’re getting with OEM parts. Plus warranty.

The main advantage of OEM parts is that they match the parts your vehicle came with when it rolled past the assembly lot. Which only means that getting OEM parts will refrain you from assessing and comparing the quality of a different brand. Another noteworthy advantage is that an OEM part will work exactly like the part you are replacing.

And because you have appeased the warranty gods, automakers also back the OEM parts with a one year warranty. 


OEM parts are usually more expensive than aftermarket parts because dealer’s are known to inflate prices. And inflate them some more when it comes to labor and body work. 

The Solution

Tired of paying severely inflated prices that dealers charge for their parts?

Vivid Racing offers a wide range of OEM parts for your car or truck. We can save you up to 60% off the dealer’s prices. Our inventory of OEM parts includes everything from suspension systems to engine parts to steering components.

We here at Vivid Racing strive to get you the OEM parts you need for your car at affordable prices so that you won’t have to compromise quality for value. And remember: aftermarket parts are not all created equal, but OEM parts are.

And since we carry OEM parts, like we have established in the beginning, we can appease the warranty gods.